Traditional Marketing

traditional marketingWhat is Traditional Marketing? Let's define marketing first which is to create awareness of a company's products or services.  Traditional marketing is highly relevant in today's competitive global market.  Understanding traditional marketing will only create a more effective new age marketing campaign.  

Since the creation of the internet, many companies still use traditional marketing which is highly relevant in today's business world. Here at VIP-Effect, we still encourage companies to use these tools because it does compliment current marketing efforts. Even though traditional marketing may seem a little out dated, it is still very effective. For instance people still ask for your business card, people still attend trade shows, and people enjoy receiving promotional items. So it is best to still use traditional marketing to compliment your internet marketing efforts.

Traditional marketing is the type of marketing that businesses adopted before the internet was used as a tool to create awareness. This includes but is not limited to the following:

Marketing in itself is a science. There's a lot of trial and error to see what works, while there is also a lot of discoveries based on your marketing feedback, and it takes certain combinations and mixtures of marketing to be effective. One thing is for sure, if your company is utilizing different medians for marketing, the better the odds are of finding what marketing avenues work best for your target market and help to make new discoveries.

Another way of looking at marketing is by comparing it to fishing. The more fishing poles and bait you use at once, the more your odds are of catching a fish! It takes the right kind of bait and the right kind of pole to catch the fish. If you know where your fish are, then more than likely you will catch the big Kahuna.  Marketing is the same way. It takes the right kind of marketing for your target market for it to work! The more avenues you use, although some may or may not work, your odds of obtaining new customers and gaining more exposure are much higher. That's why it's always good to still use these medians for your marketing and advertising.   The question is when, where, and how?  VIP-Effect can help with this.   Contact us today.

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