What is the Internet?


Without getting too technical, the internet is a global network system that connects billions of people together using servers and computers. The internet uses Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and designated domain names to transfer information to and from other IP networks. From the start, the internet has caused a craze of usability and functionality. When the internet first began, it was used to share information between networks of computers. Today, this still holds true as everything we do on the internet is transferring, sharing, and creating different types of information for others to see, but to a larger magnitude. Now, the internet is used to communicate information by email, instant message, blog, social networking, forums, and more. We now have the ability to send photos, videos, music, through a network instantly! The internet is also used in place of physical stores, which has saved companies money by creating a virtual store.  There are many other functionalities of the internet, and it's up to companies and people to determine how they will use it to their advantage.

Common Uses for the Internet

The internet has evolved into a resource giant. People are constantly going on the internet to do a multitude of things, and the internet has even taken place of what is now archaic (newspapers, encyclopedia, trade shows, travel agencies, post office, garage sales, etcetera). People are now able to take some of those avenues out and go straight to the source via the internet. Some of the more common uses for the internet include:

When it comes to businesses, many companies can use these various internet uses to their advantage. Company websites can be designed to tailor to these various internet applications in order to appeal to a variety of internet users. Many company websites even have a combination of these uses within their website in order to make their website more interactive and appealing. Here at VIP-Effect, we have improved a number of websites just by taking a look at the many uses of the internet. To see what we can do to improve your website, contact us today!

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