What is marketing?  Marketing is creating awareness of a company’s existence.  Branding is doing the same thing while keeping the mission and operations synchronized.  This includes a company’s culture, logo, mission, and vision to name a few aspects.  VIP-Effect can assist with creating that awareness and branding your company’s needs. 

From small startups to large established corporations, VIP-Effect can help any size and type of company.    We at VIP-Effect have developed a formula to use traditional marketing tactics and apply them to the new age marketing realm. As a result, we have assisted numerous companies with their awareness and success as a company!  Take a look at our Case Studies to gain more insight on how we have helped other companies with their marketing. 

Marketing is like a seed that grows into a tree. Each seed you plant represents the marketing tactic or marketing avenue your company utilizes. So it is very critical that the seed be planted in the right location so it can grow and prosper with getting the right amount of sunlight and water. If the seed is nurtured correctly, it will grow. Same thing with marketing! You plant a “marketing” seed, and depending on if you are properly targeting your market and it gets the right kind of attention, it too will grow and prosper. Once a marketing effort is successful, this means that it will bring your company more money! Who said money doesn’t grow on trees!

VIP-Effect will help you to align your marketing efforts to increase the success of your company through marketing.   Here is a list of various aspects we will address when improving your marketing:

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