Keyword Management

Keyword Management

In order to market a company through the internet and to rank on search engines, it is viable to have keyword management in order to rank based on certain keywords. Relevant copy on websites are used to rank websites for certain keywords, so it is crucial to do the research and analysis on keywords that will bring you the most bang for your buck! Keyword management is also necessary when optimizing websites and using pay per click campaigns. In order for a website to be successful and to properly target a market, keywords are the building blocks to internet marketing success. As a result, keyword management is an entire job of its own when it comes to online marketing.

If you use pay per click campaigns, you may find that it’s very time consuming to categorize certain keywords, find words that people are searching for, and how to use them to your advantage for optimization purposes. When setting up a pay per click marketing campaign, there is a lot of juggling of keywords, different variations of keywords, and even keywords to avoid - negative keywords that are just as important.

Let’s take a look at an example, say your company is a flower shop in LA selling bouquets of flowers. Here are some keywords/phrases that should be used: flower shop in Los Angeles, custom flower bouquets, buy flowers, buy mother’s day flowers…and so on. It is very important to group keywords into phrases that describe what you do and how people are looking for you. On the other hand, if you only used the keyword “flower,” here are a list of search results that you would come up under: flower seeds, types of flowers, flower fields, state flower, birth flower, and so on. By targeting the keywords to exactly what you do and what people are searching for, you will show up under search results that are relative to what your company does. By using only the word “flower,” your company will show up under results that have nothing to do with your company, meaning you are wasting your time and money. It is very important to use keywords that people will click on that will actually bring business!

VIP-Effect will spend the time and perform the research on your product or service to determine the right keywords that will benefit your company. We will constantly analyze keywords to ensure the right ones are being used and your company is gaining the largest return on your investment.

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