Graphic Designing

Graphic Design

When a company invests in web development and marketing, graphic design always comes into play. It is essential to have all of the company's visual elements synchronized to ensure consistency of your message and brand. VIP-Effect assists you in developing your message and identity in order to capture those critical aspects when developing your website and marketing.

Once your target market is thoroughly identified, your message focused and with purpose, the next important aspect about marketing is the image of your company or brand. This includes the following:


When it comes to branding a company, the first aspect to create or enhance is the logo. The logo is the image and symbolism of a company. Logo creation has become more complex and customized over time due to the latest graphic design technology, and has become an industry of its own. Since marketing is more pertinent for companies, and with the use of the internet, people have more visual access to your company and its brand than ever before. So it is extremely important that your logo communicates the right message and people can easily identify it with what your company does. A company's logo can be used on the following:

To illustrate the importance of a logo, here's an example: when you think of the logo for McDonalds, can you visualize it? Can you picture the inside of the restaurant, the smell of the food, the taste of the food? All those things come to mind just by visualizing their logo. They have branded their look to trigger all the other aspects of their business to your senses and creating symbolism. The same thing goes for any company and brand. The logo is the visual of what your company represents. It stands for the company's personality, image, the services/products, the culture, everything! That's why it is so important to make sure all your marketing materials are cohesive so the message can follow through, essentially creating and maintaining that brand! Here at VIP we have several graphic designers that can help you create that image and brand of your company.

Business Cards

Once a logo has been established, the next step is to create business cards for your company that incorporates the logo. Business cards are a great networking tool for when you meet people who are interested in your business. The business card should contain the following elements:

This allows a prospective client/supplier to have your contact information if they are interested in contacting you in the future. It is also easy for them to give others your business card if they want to refer you to someone else. Each person at your company that deals with people outside of the company should have business cards to hand out. It's an easy and affordable way to keep your company in front of others. It also makes people feel comfortable about contacting your company when they have a person from the company to contact. VIP-Effect has designed numerous successful business cards for companies, so please contact us today. We will even take care of the printing!


Flyers are a great way to pass along brief information about your company. Flyers are usually one page, either single or double sided. These are great for announcing a new product, an event, a sale, or promotion. They should also contain the same information that is presented on a business card, so the company can easily be contacted.

VIP-Effect has designed multiple flyers for various companies and organizations. We will help you with the graphics, images, and layout of the flyers to ensure the flyer is communicating the right message. We will also handle the printing for you. Contact us today and we can get your flyers designed in no time!


Once a company's product or service details have been established, a target market has been defined, the website has been successful, next it's time to create brochures. Many people ask why the website needs to come before the brochure, and the reason is because the website is your test flight for everything! Visit our Website section to learn more. This will allow you to test all images and graphics, test the verbiage with your target market, and allow you to see that all the information will be successful prior to printing brochures. This seems like a long process, but it's the most cost effective and smartest way! Once you know the information is effective, next it is good to invest money in designing and printing brochures.

We will help you to design brochures that best cater to your objectives. Need images and graphics? That's what we do! We will also help with the verbiage and website testing to ensure you will get the best bang for your buck! VIP-Effect will not only handle the design and layout of the brochures, we will also handle all the printing and quality! To learn more about how brochures can help your company, please contact us today.


Another aspect of graphics is photos. Photos can be manipulated to show enhanced visual appeal. Photos are great for websites and marketing tools like flyers and brochures. Whether you are looking to add photos of your product or service to your website, add images of your staff and facility, or photos for other marketing, VIP-Effect has the equipment and software to create high quality photos. Contact VIP-Effect to find out more about our photography rates.


VIP-Effect also offers videography to enhance your company's online presence. The truth is people are visual when it comes to learning about new things, and love to watch videos. Sure, pictures are worth a thousand words, but the videos are worth millions of words. Plus videos help communicate your message and illustrate products and services easily. That's why we always recommend adding videos to enhance your internet marketing. We have a videographer that has created countless videos for companies, and can help with your video needs! Contact us today to learn more.

Schedule a consultation by contacting VIP-Effect today to see how we can better market your company through the internet!
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