Writing a Mission Statement

Business name created…. check. Logo designed…. check. Slogan written…check. So what’s next on the to-do list for a new start-up? Writing the mission statement of the company. The mission statement is not only a tool to use when marketing, but also sets the foundation of what the company represents and the purpose of it. The mission statement will help to determine the goals of the company, where the company needs to go, how it will get there, and why it exists.

There is no wrong or right way to create a mission statement. It all depends on the purpose of why you wanted to start the business in the first place. Many people start here with their thought process of how to come up with and draft their mission statement. Some companies have very long mission statements that are a constitution of itself. Other companies like to keep it short and sweet.

So this blog post isn’t going to be a step-by-step instruction of how to write your mission statement for your business. Instead, this post will help guide your thoughts of what is important to think about when writing a mission statement. It will help you come up with ideas and help you think! So, here are some questions that you will need to answer to help you come up with aspects of your missions statement:

  1. Why did you start this company?
  2. What is the purpose of it?
  3. Who will benefit from this company?
  4. What makes you different?
  5. Where do you want this company to be in the future?

By answering these simple questions, putting together your draft of answers will shape your mission statement. See…that wasn’t so bad! Above, I mentioned that some companies will have very long or very short mission statements, and it’s important to remember that a mission statement can be easily remembered and cited when it’s shorter. So use your words wisely. Don’t make it an English paper that’s pages long. It’s easy to choose vocabulary that is easy to understand and is concise. No need to add fluff.

Remember… this is your business! Make it fun! If you hate writing, don’t look at this as a chore. Have fun and remember all of these steps are shaping your business into what you want it to be!