Website Production

The production of a website is where the fun begins.  If one does not know what he or she is doing, this can become a frustrating task.  As a friendly reminder, the prototyping phase is important.  You want to make sure your content works and your website is more of a focus group than anything else during its prototyping phase.  The production phase will be exactly that.  The goal during this phase is turning the website into a lead generating machine.  How?

Once feedback is received from analytics and clients, then you want to turn your website into a lead generator.  You do this by analyzing the keywords, bounce rates, and goal conversions as new pages and content are generated.  You do not want to rush the generation of content, because you want it be good.  It’s not about quantity; It’s about quality.

You may want to reanalyze your products or services for Cost of Goods Sold.  You might notice that a product or service that you do not market as much creates more revenue than another.  You might want to market this service or product that continues to make you money a little more during this phase of the development.

This can be done by doing the following which are new marketing tactics:

New Age Marketing

You can also now start using traditional marketing tactics if your website is generating leads.  One of the biggest flaws in traditional or offline marketing is the lack of tools to measure its effectiveness.   Today you can use the internet to measure.  One important tip is to ask the customer how they heard about you.  This simple traditional marketing question is very much used today by even Google.