Slogan Slogan Slogan

After a company name has been created and a logo has been designed, the next step is to create a slogan. A slogan is a motto for the company. Here are a couple examples of well-known slogans that are used by popular brands… see if you recognize any:

  • Just do it – Nike
  • Have it your way – Burger King
  • I’m lovin’ it – McDonalds
  • Taste the rainbow – Skittles
  • The ultimate driving machine – BMW

Many of these slogans have become so well-known that when consumers hear it or read it, they automatically recognize what brand it’s for. The slogan should either represent what your company stands for, or a describing your product/service. The most important aspect of a slogan is that it has to be catchy. If it’s catchy, it can easily be remembered. If it’s easily remembered, then it’s very likely they will be able to remember your company name / brand.

Creating an effective slogan isn’t easy, just like developing the company name and logo wasn’t easy. It takes time for ideas to marinate just like anything else. But here are some tips to keep in mind when developing the perfect slogan:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Less is more
  3. Humor is always memorable
  4. Be honest
  5. Rhymes can make it memorable

We hope this information sets you in the right direction of how to develop a catchy slogan. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t come up with one right away…it takes time. Say it over and over in your head. It helps if you have the logo in front of you too, which can help you visualize the slogan with the logo.

If you need help with creating a slogan, VIP-Effect has created tons of slogans! Our team at VIP-Effect are all creative in different ways and can easily throw their ideas together to come up with the perfect slogan.