Prototyping a Website


prototyping website

The prototype phase of a website is important and a key part of its development.  This information is mainly for companies launching a new website and should be helpful for any size company.

You may have a sales pipeline that exists and currently uses traditional marketing avenues.  This is a very good thing, and you are ahead of the game.  The prototype phase is basically taking this sales pipeline and transferring it to the digital world through your website.  Here are the basic steps of the prototype phase:

  1. Marketing 101
  2. Design Phase
  3. Navigation Structure
  4. Content Implementation
  5. Domain Name and Hosting Package
  6. Live Site Online

Each step should be followed in sequential order.  You will need to have your minimum marketing requirements complete prior to having a website developed.  A domain name and hosting package is all crucial for placing the website on the world wide web but is not required for the prototyping the website.

The design phase is for the actual look or aesthetic of the website.  This is not crucial but should be discussed.  Unless you know your target market to the T, the design phase should not take too long.  Keyword is should not.  During this phase, design seems to be the most important for most companies.  The most important aspect is the first step when the content is developed.  Why?  Content is King.  During the prototyping phase, the content developed will be tested for its effectiveness. The design can and will be dialed in during the development stage of the website, so try not to worry how fancy your website looks.

The navigation structure is exactly that.  It is for the navigation of the site.  There are a few places there will be a navigation on your site.  It can technically be where ever you would like it, but the standards are in the header, sidebars, and footer.  Because your website is also your store front, you can think of the navigation like the store front.  How do you want prospects to walk through your store?  What do you want your potential customers to see as soon as they walk in?

The content implementation is and should have been done during the marketing phase or very first step.  Next will be testing the links for the navigation to make sure they function and land on the correct page.  It is always a very bad thing to have a dead link or have a link to the wrong page of the website.

The main gist of prototyping a website is applying what you have done in the real world and implement it into the digital world.  This is easier said then done, but VIP-Effect has the experience and knowledge to do this. It works if you now what you are doing.  If you don’t believe us, then ask one of our existing clients or see some of our case studies.

If you need help to do this, you can contact us and we can provide you with a quote.