Grandfather of the Internet

Fax Machine

Did you know the internet is old school?

Well, I guess you can call the fax machine the grandfather of the internet, but the machine is an old school way of transferring files cheaply across the world.   This is exactly what the internet does for us today.  The internet is a means of people communicating instantaneously.

The first machine to allow us to do this was the fax machine.  You may not think the fax machine is instantaneous now, but it was during its time.  As long as someone at the other end had a fax machine, you could send a document, picture, or any piece of paper like file for an individual to receive which was amazing.  This technology was state of the art until the internet was born.

Interestingly enough, the fax machine is still used today for business.  Maybe not as much as it used to be before the internet, but it is still serves a purpose.  Who knows what will be the next technology that will take the world by storm, but it is always good to remember the roots of a technology.  Can you imagine what might have happened if the rooster became before the egg?  Or was it the egg before the rooster?

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