Developing a Website 101

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So you either have a website, want a website, or need to develop your website so it generates leads for your company.  Technology is a beautiful thing. Especially if used correctly, it can be a powerful tool.  It creates automation, a collection of data, and last but not least, creates new industry.  Prime example is the internet which has taken the world by storm.

It is a must for every company to have a website in today’s high tech world but not every company understands the importance of investing into one.  Before developing a website, you will need to understand some things about marketing. After your marketing is established, it’s time to develop a website for your company.

To keep things simple, there are three basic levels of website development which are the following:

  • Prototype
  • Production
  • Enterprise

Each phase is highly correlated to the size of the company.  From start-ups to large corporations, a well developed website is a must in today’s highly competitive business world.

At the prototype phase, things are being tested for fit, form, and function.  Does the website fit the needs of your customers?  Does it form to specific requirements for your target market?  Does it function the way you expect it to?

The production phase is growing the website with content and analyzing the data it generates. The sales channel is now developed and being optimized for maximized sales.  Other sales channels might be developed due to the analytics and adding functionality will begin to take form.

The enterprise phase is adding functionality to the site like forums, custom web apps, and tools for your clients to use.  This will be more obvious as website traffic increases.

Overall, this all takes time to develop and does not happen over night which is the most important factor about developing a site.  It takes time.  There is no difference when manufacturing a tangible product and/or a website.  Quality takes time and so does the development of a great website.  Thanks for reading and we hope you come back soon.

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