Designing a Logo

Once the company name has been established, the next step is to design a logo. A logo is just as important as the business name. The logo will represent your company visually and is the start of your brand recognition to your customers. For example, take a look at the cluster of logos below:

These are some of the most popular logos in the world. People know the logo so well, that they can easily visualize the company’s products, what the company represents, their culture, and how they feel about the brand just by looking at the logo. The logo is the symbol for what your company represents, so it is very critical to design a logo wisely. This is also the stage where company colors will be established which will aid in all of the marketing material and website design.

VIP-Effect has designed numerous logos for a wide range of different types of companies. We help to design logos that have several graphics and others that are simply just fonts. We encourage to use symbolism within the logo design to enhance the meaning of what the logo represents. Below are a few of the logos we have created for different companies:

When we create a logo for a company, we not only create the symbol of the company, but we also create a style guide. It’s important to create a logo that will easily transfer over to signage, letterhead, business cards, flyers, brochures, shirts, packaging, and anything else that will have the logo. When we create a style guide for your logo, we will demonstrate the proper use of the logo for each application. This ensures your brand will be reinforced with uniform logo display.

If you need a company has a good reputation for designing logos, and a company who can also create a brand for your company, contact us today! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next post about slogans!

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