Website Content Management


What is it about a website that makes it successful (besides the fact that it needs to benefit the end user in some way)? The answer is the website content. You’ve maybe heard the saying “Content is King” and this is what it’s referring to. With the right content, the end user will not only stay on the website and want to read more and visit other pages of the website, but it will keep them coming back for more. Websites with good content also develop referrals from their loyal users. Meaning that many of the end users will either tell their friends, mention them in their own blogs and social media, which creates buzz, and helps to drive more traffic to your website. Continue reading

Website Production

The production of a website is where the fun begins.  If one does not know what he or she is doing, this can become a frustrating task.  As a friendly reminder, the prototyping phase is important.  You want to make sure your content works and your website is more of a focus group than anything else during its prototyping phase.  The production phase will be exactly that.  The goal during this phase is turning the website into a lead generating machine.  How? Continue reading

Developing a Website 101

website development

So you either have a website, want a website, or need to develop your website so it generates leads for your company.  Technology is a beautiful thing. Especially if used correctly, it can be a powerful tool.  It creates automation, a collection of data, and last but not least, creates new industry.  Prime example is the internet which has taken the world by storm. Continue reading

Grandfather of the Internet

Fax Machine

Did you know the internet is old school?

Well, I guess you can call the fax machine the grandfather of the internet, but the machine is an old school way of transferring files cheaply across the world.   This is exactly what the internet does for us today.  The internet is a means of people communicating instantaneously. Continue reading