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VIP-Effect is a internet marketing company that focuses on marketing B2B and B2C companies via the internet. There are many ways and means to market a company today which include traditional avenues and new online streams. Traditional tactics are effective, yet technology of today can produce instantaneous results. At VIP-Effect, we have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help create awareness for your company.




VIP-Effect is an entity of Vista Industrial Products, Inc. which is a precision sheet metal, cnc machining, and welding fabrication company. This may seem way out in left field, but VIP-Effect.com is a spin off from the business development team of VIP to help develop new and current prospects of Vista Industrial Products. Majority of the companies are within the B2B sector. VIP-Effect now helps all types of businesses to market themselves in this new age of technology.

Why? Josh Borja developed a few companies which include VIP, Armadillo Mailbox, and Exotic Leis through New Age Marketing. Each of these companies continues on to a road of success with new age marketing and the speed of the internet. Josh's system has been proven to be highly effective, and he has developed a model for any company to follow as a road map to success even during these tough economic times.


We create effective marketing avenues and develop internet awareness for small to medium size companies.


Our vision is to become a leader at all facets of marketing and the internet. Let's grow together.


We value growing relationships we have with each of our clients. We admire ethical and moral companies who strive in today's world of business, and encourage them to become the business leaders of tomorrow.


Marketing Maximized – Internet Optimized

Elevator Pitch

Research. Analyze. Create. Marketing Maximized – Internet Optimized. Quality marketing combined with the speed of the internet….it creates a powerful effect. We research industries, analyze data, and create solutions. Research is critical. Analytics is valuable. Imagination is the key.


VIP-Effect Logo

VIP-Effect derived from Vista Industrial Products, Inc. and utilized the various manufacturing processes in the development of new age marketing and websites. In order to illustrate the methodology and the origination that VIP-Effect developed from, the "VIP" portion of the logo is the same design of Vista Industrial Product's logo. With our inspiration, we can help your company grow using the internet and marketing which creates a powerful 'Effect.'

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